English Harbour, Antigua, W.I. to Bonaire, Dutch Antilles, Day 2

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 4 May 2010 20:30

Bootlegger Bootlegger of Mann Log

14:29N 65.05.51W

30 04 10

Passage: English Harbour, Antigua, W.I. to Curacao, via Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles – Day 2

Crew: Frank ( Skipper) and Karl Newton ( Crew)

DAY 2 ( Fri. 300410 )

00:00 16:12.53N 62:47W Watch changeover: now KN. CSE: 242 degrees SOG: 8
kts Wind : SE 21.5kts. Still motor sailing with main and mizzen out to
starboard. Battery reading:
27.4 v

02:10 Ship sighted on radar 9.27 nm bearing 123 degrees, COG 005 degrees

02:30 Radar sighting – indicating ship 10 nm distant bearing 197 degrees.
Nothing sighted visually. So we have our heavy roll back.

15.15 Watch changeover: Now FN. KN reported Aves Island some 30 nm ahead
was close to our route with extensive shallow waters around it. Decided to
go north of it where waters less shallow than to its south side.
Accordingly changed CSE to 260 degrees. Wind 18 kts, SOG 8 kts. Sea
building and increasing cloud cover.

07:30 15:42.26N 63:36.722W Wind 18 kts; SOG:8 kts Passing Aves Island.
We note there has been a platform built on it with in turn a substantial
building and what appears to be a helipad. The ownership of this island is
not indicated on the chart.

11.15 Hardened up on wind on a new course of 220 degrees in order to fly
genoa. Stopped engine. ( engine run time: 22 hrs) Pure sailing; so quiet,
so wonderful.

Noon 15:23.71N 64:02.833W With sail only and course deviation we have
slowed our progress. Boat speed varies from 5.6 - 7.2 kts.

Made a comprehensive salad for lunch which we had on the cockpit table
along with a bottle of wine. Glorious day all very pleasant.

During the afternoon the wind veered to the SE 16 kts enabling us to set
Bootlegger's sails for a broad reach.
Nothing to report. A great afternoon's sailing in near perfect conditions,
even the wave height reduced making for less severe rolling.

Did a sort of Thai chilli prawn pasta for dinner. Ingredients: Kinng prawns,
mushrooms, peas two cloves of garlic, peanut butter. and onion. Bit on the
hot side but OK

21:00 14:43.03N 64:46.750W Wind SE 17kts; SOG 7.1 kts CSE: 243.5 Weather
fine, wave height increased so we have our heavy roll back with us. 257nm
to go - almost at the halfway point just 17 nm down the Rum Line to reach
our WP off the southern tip of Bonaire. No sightings at all
today so far. Karl on Watch from now until 00.00 hrs.