Day 5 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 15 May 2011 00:11


41:36N 71:17W 

Sunday 15th May 2011 


41:36N 71:17W  At Anchor; Newport, Rhode Island


07:35 Breakfast


07:50 Unloading of two racing yachts and large RIB craft commences.


Checked Bootlegger’s battery level: 24.1V. Requested power be restored for a few hours to hopefully then keep them above the 24V for the transatlantic passage.


Gave Captain Richard a tour through Bootlegger.


12:45 Lunch ( Moe) Full house with Loadmaster. Fish and chips for me. Burgers for rest. Ice cream dessert.


Spoke two or three times with Moe about ongoing arrangements following arrival in Southampton.  She unable to make Southampton until after R exam on 26th MayThursday Discussed crewing for Bootlegger’s return to IoM.


Re crewing. Spoke first with Russ ( they in Spain) asking if he was free to join us. He asked if they were able could L come too? Advised she could. Said he would revert. Came back later to confirm they would join us in Poole on Wednesday, travelling there with son Kevin who will pick them up from Southampton Airport on the 1st June.


16:30 Loading of three yachts completed. Left Bootlegger after charging batteries. Batteries reading 26.8V at departure. Battery isolator switched off.


17:30 Evening meal. Hardly anyone at table given imminent departure. Smoked salmon salad.


18:00 Weighed anchor and slowly proceeded in thick fog down Rhode Island Sound.


18:15 Went up to bridge where met Pilot, sharp, efficient young guy. Given the near zero visability and the amount of small craft expected to have been caught out there in the Sound by the sudden fog - ‘area of high recreational activity’ [Pilot] a high level of concentration and tenseness was evident; all eyes either staring into the dense fog or at the radar screen. 


19:15 Pilot left the ship. Just 2,965 nm to go ….


19:30 Returned to cabin and watched Matt Damon and ‘Green Zone’ (again).