Bootlegger Blog -ARC Log Day 16

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 11 Dec 2007 11:16

Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 101207


Day Sixteen


00.01    15.20N 51.45W Wind E20kts true; COG 260 degrees, SOG 7.3 kts all sails pulling –

             Sighted a couple of yachts one to Port, one ahead. Distance to go 538nm  RT


03.00    15.17N 52.04W Wind ESE 12-16kts SOG 6 kts ave COG corrected to 280 degrees

              Distance to go 520 nm   MS


              Sighted light at nine O clock and closing on light at one O’clock.   MS


04.00     Clock & battery check. Latter showing 22.6V. Generator switched on, chargers

              and hot water switched on.  FN


05.00     15.16N 52.16W Two sightings of yachts ahead which according to our radar

              are fast moving away from us to the SW. Suspect they are tacking their

              kites downwind  FN


06.00     15.14N 52.23W Wind E 14kts SOG 6kts COG 278 degrees. Lights of other two

              boats barely visable now. Distance to go - 489 nm   FN


07.30     Generator switched off. ( 3.5 hrs run)


09.00     15.10N 52.43W Wind ENE 18kts SOG 6.5 kts COG 275 degrees

              Lost sight of the earlier sighted two yachts. Distance to go: 481 nm.  EMc


11.00     Tanker past astern of us heading SW.


12.00     Noon position 15.07N 53.03W. Wind E. 18 kts SOG 6 – 7 kts

              COG 280 degrees – goose winging. One yacht sighted off starboard

              Beam. Tried calling him on VHF 16 & 77; no response   RT


12.20     Sent position report to Cowes. FN


14.00     Daily SSB Roll Call.  Again relayed Abora’s position to the Controller.


              Requested our position be relayed to Cowes.  FN


15.00     Tanker sighted , passed astern of us heading NE.


17.30    A sunny pleasant afternoon. Wind appears to have settled in the east we have genny and main in goose wing rig a SOG ranging from 6 – 6.5 kts average


             Generator switched on for watermaking. ( 2 .5 hour run for both )


19.30   A serious’toilet odour’ was first noticed by Ray in galley area. He asked those nearby had they taken a shower lately? After Frank had disappeared to shower, the source

             was discovered by Eugene. The bilge area under the sink and beyond was full of coagulated milk which had produced a culture. Horrible stench. Ray and Eugene undertook the unpleasant task of removing all the cupboard contents, then cleaning out the gallons of foul liquid etc then cleaning out whole area with vinegar.


20.30    Eugene did dinner – Seafood Rissotto washed down with Rose’.


00.00   14.55N 56.09W Wind E 18 - 20kts true; COG 280 degrees, SOG 7.5 – 8.5kts

            Distance to go 378 nm    RT


            Nautical Miles covered during past twenty four hours - 160