Day 10 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 20 May 2011 00:42


44:22N 29:20W

Friday 20th May 2011

Awoke at 04:50


Went back to sleep after shooting some video


08:30 Missed breakfast in mess as did not move my watch on an hour last night. Made some porridge.


!0:00 Communal coffee on bridge followed by


10:15 Distress Rocket Firing Exercise carried out on deck immediately behind Bridge. Each deck officer had a go at firing one.


10:30: Fire drill. We all retired down to the stern poop deck where guys were kitted up to fight a fire in the Galley. Having ‘put it out’ successfully we all headed for the Engine Room for the next exercise.

10:45 Emergency Steering Exercise. We all went down to the Steering Gear room just off the Engine Room for this exercise where the ship’s steering was actually taken over by the Emergency System. Each crew member was required to operate the system by way of local hydraulic pump push buttons steering by way of radio instructions from Bridge and a an emergency digital compass that was strategically mounted nearby so the operator was able to maintain the correct course.


11:05 ‘Man Overboard’ Exercise. This called for the deck officers to man the small lifeboat and to simulate its launch.


It was all too much excitement for one day. I retreated to Bootlegger to do some hull cleaning before lunch.


Noon Position: 44:22N 29:20W


12:30 Lunch. Usual gang. For me lunch was chicken breast in some sort of sauce and mashed potato / salad.


14:00 Went aboard Bootlegger and did some hull polishing.


17:30 Evening meal. For me salmon salad. For others spaghetti bolognase.


Had a look down the hold at the large motor yachts stored there along with containers. The hold is one of four within the ship.


Worked on video.


Ship rolling heavily now – having to stop stuff flying across the cabin.


Well a much more eventful day than yesterday.  Exciting stuff.


Clocks moved on a further hour.


Just three more nights aboard.