Salt Whistle Bay, Mareau to Britannia Bay, Mustique (18.1nm)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 6 Feb 2010 22:49

Bootlegger of Mann  Log


Date 060210  


12:52.N 61:11.35W


Salt Whistle Bay, Mareau to Britannia Bay, Mustique ( 18.1  nm )


Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E19 - 21 kts


12:38N 61:23W Salt Whistle Bay.


07.00 hrs Ran generator for 2 hrs as battery voltage down to 22.5 v


After a leisurely breakfast prepared boat for sea


08:30 12:38N 61:23W Weighed anchor and headed out of bay.


09.30 12:45N 61:21 After sailing off course on a beat for an hour during which we

overhauled two Bequis bound yachts it was necessary to get back on course pulling

in sail and putting the donkey back on as our required course of 67 degrees took us dead

into wind and 10ft waves. Our SOG went from 7.8kts to 4.3kts as a consequence.

Our slow progress is currently giving us an ETA in Britannia Bay, Mustique of 13.20


11:00 Current pushing us west; progressively requiring me to change course. Current course 73 degrees.

Noon 12:52N 61:11W Picked up buoy in Britannia Bay, Mustique


Had swim and trip ashore for lunch at the famous Basil’s Bar.


In the evening visited the Firefly Hotel bar for the fantastic sunset view over the bay anchorage.


From there it was back to Basil’s Bar for dinner. Live white blues bands were playing

who were absolutely brilliant. Mick Jagger and other stars who apparently often jam

with them when on the island.


Ran generator for further 4 hrs as batteries again down


Engine hours: 3  Generator hours: 8