30 March - 08 April - Prickley Bay/ Le Phare Bleau / St Georges / Prickley Bay, Grenada, Grenadines

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 8 Apr 2009 22:00

Monday 30 March
12:00:124N 61:43.407W

Passage from Prickly Bay to Le Phare Bleau (5.2nm)

16.00 After spending some hours e-mailing weighed anchor and made for the
little bay that accommodates this lovely little resort where we have
invited Sue and Ashley who are already there for dinner.
Tuesday 31 March

12:00:124N 61:43.407W Le Phare Bleu. At anchor. Went with A&S to Prickly
in their hire car where they had various errands to make.. Ordered three
replacement steps from Spice Island and bought some replacement tumbler
glasses from Ace. K stayed aboard. After e-mailing went ashore for drinks
with A&S.

Wednesday 01 April 2009
Spent day aboard. Various e-mails to likes of Interphase re
the return of forward facing sonar equipment. Arranged with Housecheckers
for K visit to Brooklyn.

Swam and sunbathed. Kevin went ashore and collected replacement step treads
and sailed Scott’s boat, Boxer over here from Prickly Bay. Due to go over
to Osprey for dinner.

Went to Osprey for dinner. She is berthed in the marina. Had a really good
night; music courtesy of Ashley on guitar and FN on maracas!

Thursday 02 - Sunday 06 April 2009. Kevin and I hung out at Le Phare Bleu resort
with friends Ashley, Sue and Scott where we sunbathed, swam and partook of
liquid refreshments around resort's pool with Kevin and friends. A small
quality privately owned marina and associate complex which features an old Swedish
lightship berthed in the marina serving as a high class restaurant as part of its logo.
Lovely spot

Monday 07 After a morning by the pool we were joined by Raoul and his
friends who had lunch aboard and stayed aboard for Bootlegger’s for the
passage back from Le Phare Bleu, Egmont Bay to St Georges in the afternoon
to pick up and fit the returned Sonar equipment. We secured an alongside
berth at Grenada Y.C.

Tuesday 08 Picked up the returned sonar equipment from FedEx after a
visit to Customs and fitted it all. It worked !!! K and I had breakfast
with Raoul at the Tropicana. The plan was to leave for Tobago 4 am
Wednesday morning. In the event

FN once more had the runs and vomiting and was up all night. Consequently decided to
get some sleep Wednesday morning before returning to Prickly Bay. The plan
is to spend the afternoon there before heading for Tobago early evening.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

13.00 Left the GYC mooring at noon and arrived in Prickly Bay at 13.30
anchoring near to Osprey and Boxer who were pleased to see us. Later went
for a sundowner at the marina where we were also shown around the adjacent
luxury housing and apartment complex. A 2 bed apartment – $1 million, a
house, $3 million.