Gibraltar to Palma ( Ibiza to Majorca - 75nm )

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 12 Jul 2012 18:19


Thursday 120712


39:33.206N 02:38.832 E


Gibraltar to Palma ( Ibiza to Majorca )


Weather: Fine Wind: S.2.3kts: Visibility


38:46.724 N 02:37.723 E :Anchorage just south of Santa Eualia, Ibiza:

Jackie dives down to 6 m to pick up anchor hook that fell over board yesterday: 100£ saved!


11:00 Weighed anchor and departed the bay and Ibiza. Won’t be back in a hurry.


In the process of leaving found that the bow thruster was not going down. Rang Amel. Christian Dufour who thought it could be a pulley problem ....


15:00 SE 20 kts, bearing 38 degrees. Switched off engine as we now have favourable sailing wind: S : 15 – 20 kts of SE wind. We achieve SOG of 7.4kts Glorious afternoon ; perfect sailing weather. Ploughing along on an ever flattening sea, this is what it’s all about. There is no reason why we cannot reach Majorca without any further engine assistance.



20:15 39:33.206N 02:38.832 E We arrive off Palma Harbour entrance still under pure sail power.


20:30 39:33.725 N 02:37.723 E With no bow thruster and the help of marina RIB to nudge us about we finally moor up stern to in Pantalan Mediterraneo, Palma de Mallorca:

We’ve made it ! All in all a most successful trip achieved without incident. Thanks to each and every one of you whose valued contributions made it all possible.



After a clean up we go ashore for a celebratory meal on the Captain at Boveda’s – and a drink or two or three or four later! A very heavy night.


Peel to Palma – the Stats:


Overal period in which passages were made: 73 Days ( 300412 to 120712)


Actual Passage Time At Sea (Peel to Palma} : 10.5 Days


Total Trip Distance : 2168 nm.


Total Fuel Consumed : 1,518 L


Fuel in Tank: 275 L at 120712