Day 2 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 12 May 2011 18:55


28:10N 067:72W

Thursday 120511 ( Day 2 )

06.00 Awoke and read for an hour about Brooke of Sarawak and Gertrude Bell
of Arabia

07.45 Got up and made a tea. Forgot to get a bowl for my porridge. Weather
fine; seas building. White capped 3 metre waves. Estimated winds NNW
22kts. Boat speed around 15kts.

08.00 Went down to mess for cerial dish and ended up having breakfast of
smoked salmon and fried egg finished off with bread and apricot jam. Chef
gave me spoon, bowl and two pints of milk when I explained I had porridge
in my cabin.

09.00 Sun now gone; replaced by dark cloud

10:00 General assembly on bridge for coffee. Everyone there including
chef. Had a good chat with Captain about sail boats etc. Note wind NW 6;
over the deck wsp 35 kn +

11:00 Resumed my log catching up.

Noon Position: 28:10N 067:72W

12:30 Joined table for lunch. Captain; Chief Engineer; First Oficer and 2
x Alex’s. Chef had done chicken just for me. Others had red meat. Also
various other dishes including cheese potato; very tasty.

13:15 sat outside on small deck access to lifeboat local to my cabin to
read in sunshine. As cannot close watertight door from outside so hooked
it in open position. Alex 1 came out to tell me I could not leave door
open and promptly shut it from inside. I later got back to my cabin via
the bridge.

15:30 29:11N 67:56W

18:00 Visited the bridge for a tea. Following slamming ship’s speed
reduced to 11 kn; on this basis our ETA R.I. will be 08:00 Sunday.

!8:30 Watched two movies – Malice and Enigma

20:30 Bedtime