Porto Frailis to Porto Corallo, Villaputzu SE Sardinia

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 8 Jul 2013 10:57


39:26.465N 9:38.41E

Monday 08.07

Passage: Porto Frailis to Porto Corallo Marina Villaputzu, SE Sardinia ( 30 nm)

Weather: Fine, very light northerly wind. Sea state: Calm Beautiful morning.

We swim over to the other SM 2K, the S/Y Ishtar to introduce ourselves to her owners Jean and Claude Querard. We decide to accompany them in their sail down the coast to Porto Corallo marina, some 30 miles south as we are going that way anyway. They clearly know the area and particularly Sicily well and we hope to glean from them later as much local knowledge as possible.

09:15 hrs 39  We raise anchor and after setting an initial course of 177 degrees

put out our sails to make full benefit of the light north easterly winds.      

Sea like a shiny mill pond.

Noon Position : 39:38.7N 9:41.22E Motor sailing ( genny furled) SOG 5.5 kn; DTG: 12.6nm ETA 14:30 hrs; Fuel 520 Litres. Engine revs: 1500 rpm. Ishtar remains some .75 of a mile ahead of us whilst local yacht denoted by reg. number on hull is slowly closing from astern on port side of us.

We notice as we proceed down the coast numerous NATO facilities ashore, typically the white domes which are presumably surveillance stations.

15:30 39:26.465N 9:38.41E Arrive and follow Ishtar into Corallo Marina . After putting Bootlegger to bed alongside Ishtar and another Amel Super Maramu 2000, Samantha, we are invited, along with two other French neighbours on a motor yacht from Britanny, aboard Ishtar for aperitifs. Later, the six of us went up to the one and only local pizza restaurant for dinner.


In Porto Corallo Villaputzu

Bootlegger and some of her sisters