To first WP - Pointe A Pitre to Riviere Sens, Guadeloupe

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 10 May 2008 10:00

10 May 2008

Position: 16:00.00N 61:31W

07.45 16:13.1608N 061:31.7711W Slipped mooring. Weather: fine and sunny
Sea state: slight swell Wind: E 8kts DTG to Portsmouth, Dominica: 42 nm

08.00 16:12.53N 61:31.5551W Set course of 171 degrees. Motor sailing; SOG
7kts DTG to first WP 11.4nm.

09.25 16:00.08N 61:32.76W Reached first WP.

10.00 Have found VHF radio showing same fault as reported to Amel -
'Antenna fault'. Not transmitting. Called Caroline at Amel, Pointe A Pitre
advising situation. Arranged that I divert to Riviere Sens in order that
electronics people, Pochon can come down to attend. So passage route
amended accordingly.