On passage Falmouth to Kilmore Quay

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 5 Jun 2011 09:38

50:01.43N 005:46.33W

On passage from Falmouth to Kilmore Quay, Eire

14:30 Had lunch on deck ( pastie and celary). CSE 290 degrees; S.O.G.
9.5kt motor sailing. Anxious to clear Lands End and shipping corridors
before dark.

15:00 Wind picked up. Now getting 25 kt over the deck. Still motor
sailing. S.O.G. 10.2kt. Wind – all over but mainly NNW as opposed to
forcasted NE.wind.

15:50 50:01.16N 005:43.345W Approaching Lands End.

16:30 50:01.43N 005:46.33W Rounded West Cardinal 2.97nm SSW of
the Longships. S.O.G. 8 kt ; Wind NNE 22kt; CSE 345 DTG: 130nm. With wind
on the nose and main only out. Very wet with large seas and big holes.