Alghero to Asinara, Sardinia

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 20 Jun 2013 10:54


41:03.68N 8:17.54E

Thursday 20.06.2013

07:30 40:33.659N 8:18.682E Depart Alghero for Asinara, northern coast of Sardinia.


Crew: Frank & Jackie


Wind: 1.2 kn Sea State: calm Visibility: Clear DTG: 35nm ETA 13:30


08:45 40:33.660N 8:18.68E Off Cape Caccia on a nw course.


09:15 40:35.292N 8:07.69E Wind: NNW7kn (T) CSE 348 degrees SOG 6.7kn

There is too little wind for the heavy swell that makes this passage a very rolly one after the thunderstorms of last night. J lies down in the saloon to ease the sudden upset tummy .

Rolly passage

Asinara National Park


13:00 40:58.913N 8:12.397E Entered the north channel between the small island of Piana and Asinara. After careful navigation through this shallow channel with its clear turquoise-blue waters and white sand we headed to the National Park.


14:00 41:03.68N 8:17.54E Arrived Asinara, NW Sardinia island. Picked up mooring buoy. FWE. Beautiful Island which is unfortunately tarnished by many

Institutional buildings. Apart from the several former prisons dotted around the island, there is a former quarantine building, prisoner of war camp etc. The island is government owned and run and is designated national park. There are several no go areas around the island which suggests NATO operate here in some classified way.


Again we found jelly fish in abundance in the beautiful clear waters of the anchorage. Undeterred J put on her sting suit and went off snorkelling. There were a couple of Oyster type yachts on the anchorage and two catamarans. Very quiet. A few tourists could be seen wandering around the place and that was it.


17:00 Birgitta sailed in to be greeted by several blasts from a departing ferry who was exiting from the small port astern and at a rapid rate of knots. Murray and Lynn from Birgitta came over and joined us for aperitif and dinner. A good night was had by all.


From yacht to yacht

From yacht to shore

Bootlegger on Frank’s mind

Bootlegger and Birgitta


Friday 21.6.13


We went ashore with Murray and Lynn to view the island’s museum and turtle hospital which we found closed. After a coffee, we decided having been unable to arrange a guided tour of island later in the day to head across to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura in NE Sardinia, some 42nm to the NE. After exchanging contact details with Murray and Lynn bade our farewells and headed back to Bootlegger to prepare for our departure.