Bootlegger Blog - ARC Log Day 15

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 10 Dec 2007 15:29

Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 091207


Day Fifteen


00.01     15.46N 48.43W wind 32 kts true COG 270 degrees SOG 8.5 – 9.3kts MS


03.00     Wind easterly generally 20 - mid 20’s true, with tendency to kick around to SE

              SOG 6-9kts. Reduced sail to reefed genoa as wind shift regularly

              backed mizzen and main. COG changed progressively to 290.

              Stayed dry for the majority of the watch with night sky visble occasionally

              through the otherwise dense cloud. Distance to go 679nm.(21 nm done

              on this watch)  MS


0305      With |MS assistance moved sails over to Starboard in order to get back to desired

              course of 280.   FN


05.00     15.42N 49.35W Horizon to north being lit up by big thunderstorm that reminds one

              of the images of the night time gunfire on the Western Front which could be seen

              from the south coast of England. No other sightings.  FN


06.00     15.41N 49.43W Wind E 22 -25kts true, Gusting 32 kts at times. SOG 7 – 8.5kts

              COG 280 degrees. Clock and battery check, latter down to 22.8V.

              Generator and battery chargers switched on FN


08.00     15.38N 50.05W Wind ESE 20kts COG 280  SOG 280 degrees   EMc


09.30     Generator switched off ( 3.5 hrs run time) FN


11.01     Generator started again for mike’s brunch. Watermaker and Chargers switched on. FN


11.15     Mike served up egg, bacon, spicy sausage and beans brunch. A most welcome meal

             after the last few miserable days. The meal plus the sunshine we have now are great

             morale boosters.


12.00     Noon position 15.35N 50.27W.  COG 260 degrees – sailing the wind. RT


12.02     Sent position report to Cowes. FN


13.00     Generator switched off. ( Run time for it and watermaker, 2 hours) FN


13.26     Wind back to 15kts true; engine switched off ( 26 mins run time)  FN


14.00     Daily SSB Roll Call.  Did relay of Abora’s position to the Controller.


             Requested our position be relayed to Cowes.  FN


15.30     Mike announced he had received e-mail in which wife Dawn had advised him

             she would be meeting us in St Lucia.


17.30    A sunny pleasant afternoon. Wind appears to have settled in the east we have genny

            and mizzen set to Starboard  with a SOG ranging from 5.5 to 8.2 kts


20.30    Ray did dinner – garlic prawn starter washed down with champers to celebrate

            fact we have broke the 500 nm to go mark. Main course  pan fried steak an

            peppered mushroom sauce with fried potatoes all washed down by a very palatablem

            vino rouge – excellent!  FN


00.00    15.20N 51.45W Wind E20kts true; COG 260 degrees, SOG 7.3 kts all sails pulling –

            Sighted a couple of yachts one to Port, one ahead. Distance to go 538 nm     RT