Southampton Arrival

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 24 May 2011 01:59

50:54N 01:24


50:53.718N 01:23.532W Ocean Village Marina, Southampton

Customs and Immigration came aboard and visited me in my cabin for a chat late morning.

Due to problems and delays in removing Bootlegger rigging for the crane hoist, including the triadic,
Bootlegger was not unloaded until 16:00 rather than the scheduled 13:00. 

After saying my farewells to Captain Richard and the crew of the M.V.Snoekgracht
I was lowered into the water. Pretty soon Bootlegger and I were making our way down 
Southampton Water to Bootlegger's reserved berth - E7 in Ocean Village Marina. We passed a splendid 
looking Queen Mary about to embark passengers for the next cruise.

It was a beautiful evening - but cold.

17:00 Berthed and F.W.E.

It has been a most pleasant and interesting trip back across the Atlantic that I feel privileged 
to make with Bootlegger and one I shall always have fond and lasting memories of. 

Almost four years and 12,800 sea miles under the belt since we left the Isle of Man, we are almost back 
to where our adventure began.