Passage from Grenada to Tobago

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 9 Apr 2009 23:19

09 April 2009

11:13.061N 60:46.813W

Passage: Prickly Bay, Grenada to Scarborough, Tobago via Plymouth, Tobago

Crew: FN / KB

19.30 11:59.893N 061:48.687W Prickly Bay anchorage. Wind: ESE 10 – 15kts
Weather: Rain forecast; cloudy, Sea: insignificant wave height. Nice
evening, DTG: to Plymouth 80nm. After saying goodbye to friends Scott, Sue
and Ashley weighed anchor and headed out of Bay. After clearing land set a
course of 137 degrees. Wind too shy to sail; able to motor sail only with
genoa put away.

21.15 11:53.889N 61:40.391W SOG 4.4kts We have been struggling against
current; since clearing the land making only 2.2kts at one stage with
engine at 2000 rpm.

21.30 KB Watch

24.00 11:44.474N 61:29.640W Motor sailing. Wind: 19kts Raining SOG: 5 kts
CSE: 150 degrees DTG: 62.3nm

00.25 KB Watch handover to FN

03.00 11:33.340N 61:17.018W Motor sailing with genoa still wrapped away.
Wind ESE 20kts SOG 5.4kts CSE 145 degrees DTG: 46.6nm Ship, the ‘Andre
Rickmers’ sighted passing some six miles ahead from Port to Starboard
around 02.30. Also non-AIS vessel, probably a yacht, passed some four
miles to Starboard heading towards Grenada around same time.

03.40 11:31.721N 61:15.788W The vessel ‘Gotaland’ heading toward us, some
10 nm off the Port beam. Will pass comfortably astern.

04.00 11:30.446N 61:14.184W FN Watch handover to KB Wind ESE16-20kts;
SOG 4.7 – 5.2kts 141.5 degrees DTG: 42.2nm

08:00 11:16.218N 61:01.030W SOG: 5kts CSE: 141 degrees DTG: 19.6nm
Spoke with Osprey on SSB 4164. Lot of squelch.

09.30 Changed course to 091 degrees in order to make Plymouth on the north
west coast rather than Scarborough on the south. Heavy squalls passed

11.00 11:13.061N 60:46.813W F.W.E. Arrived Plymouth anchorage, Tobago. No
other yachts here. Engine hours: 15 Gen.: 1 hour

Remained on yacht. FN did a salad for lunch. Had sleep in afternoon.
Decided to get up early Good Friday, drop in the tender and take a look at
Plymouth. KB did dinner. Retired around 22.00.