Passage: Road Town, Tortola to Saba

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 19 Jan 2008 20:00

Position: 17:38.6N 63:15.50W

Saturday 19 January 2008

Crew: Frank Newton (Solo)

04.00 18:26.11N 64:33.57W Weather: Dry but with heavy cloud and
occassional showers. Wind ENE 13kts Sea: moderate. Distance to Saba 90nm.

04.30 Unaided slipped marina mooring and motored out into bay. Set course
of 121 degrees T for Well's Bay, Saba

08.00 18:10.13N 64:13.30W Under full sail on close reach. Wind
ENE 15 - 17kts SOG 7.6 kts Course 122 degrees T. Had breakfast. Overcast
with occassional breaks in cloud.

Noon 17:56.4047N 63:49.6180W Wind ENE 15kts SOG 7.5 -7.8kts Course 121
degrees T. No sightings. Generator started at 1100 hrs. Had a number of
squalls come through during the
morning - sails regularly having to be re-set. 53nm done DTG to
Waypoint 37.3nm.

16.40 17:36.6N 63:15.57W Anchored in Saba's Well's Bay. Have the company
of several other yachts including another Amel. This volcanic island is
small, but very tall and dramatic with little houses perched on the edges
of the high terrain. Overnighting here only as plan is to push on to St
Kitts tomorrow. Feeling very very tired. Made myself dinner - corned beef
hash and demolished a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate bar as dessert
before hitting my bunk.

Distance done: 90.3nm. Engine run time: 1.25 hrs. Generator run time: 3.5 hrs