Passage from Folegrandries to Ios (17.8nm)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 9 Oct 2014 19:46

36:43.358 25:16.436E

Wednesday 08 October

Passage from Folegrandries to Ios ( 17.8nm )

Weather: Fine   Visability: VG  Wind: NW 5/6

Fuel:  440 L   Water:  867 L   Batteries : 96%

09:45 36:36.81 24:57.07E Karavostasis, Folegandres We find ourselves the only boat left on the quay when we depart this small port that expects to get a supermarket next year ! 

Set a course for Ios of 84 degrees and pull out full genny and mizzen,  the new main being inoperative in its folded state in the mast. We are getting an SOG of 7.2 kts , nice.
After we clear Sikinos Island our course is changed to 52 degrees.

Some three and a half mile from our destination the genny clew and sheets separated from the sail, leaving the latter flying wildly. We roll the sail in and secure it with a tie for the rest of the journey. It is the stitching that has given way, presumably due to UV damage.

Approaching Ios

12:45. 36:43.357N 25:16.43E Ios Harbour Quay.  After allowing a ferry to come in and berth ahead of us I put Bootlegger stern to between two motor cruisers so there was no risk of our mast hitting another when the boat rolls with the surge of water created with each ferry arrival.

Ios harbour and quay

We drop the damaged genoa and pack it. We establish the island's only sailmaker has finished and left the island for the winter. 

The damaged genoa packed up for repair

There is a sail man in Paros 25nm to the north of here. We get in touch with him and arrange for the sail to be put on Tomorrow afternoon's ferry from here to Paros, for the sail man, George to take it off the ferry during the five minutes it is there, repair it and put it on Friday morning's ferry to Ios where we will collect it from the ferry during its five minute stop here. Sure it will all work out fine.

Took a look up at Hora, the beautiful town at the top of the hill overlooking us here in the port below.

Port viewed from Hora


Above and below: views of Hora town

A very picturesque place, its narrow, twisting streets house many trendy fashion shops. Out of season it may be, with everything closed but there is not a scrap of litter to be seen on the paved streets.