Passage, Ermioni, Peloponese, to Serifos Island (63.4nm)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 4 Oct 2014 11:15

37:8.067N 24:31.12E

01 to 03 October 2014

Weather: Fine with cloudless sky. Wind: F.2 Visability: Good  DTG: 63.4 nm 
Fuel: 500 L.  Water: 860 L  Batteries 100% charged

07:30. 37:23.017N 23:14.839E Ermioni Town Quay. After a pleasant overnight stay in this picturesque little port, during which we ate at Ermioni's oldest restaurant, we departed for Sefnos some 63 nm east in the Cyclades.

Having set a course of 85 degrees to take us down the channel between Hydra and the Peloponese we find what wind there is frequently less than 30 degrees off the bow. We motor sail at 1800 rpm with an SOG of 6.1 kts. 

As we entered the open sea the wind steadily increased backing to a northeasterly. Now under sail only we continue to experience increasing winds and building seas as the afternoon progresses. We are now clearly experiencing Meltemi winds of around 23 to 25 kts,  gusting up to 30 plus kts.

The seas now becoming progressively wilder, with large curling white crested waves breaking on the port bow and occasionally amidships.

Decide to reef in all three sails. In the case of our new curling leech main we note it is folded on itself at the top section where it enters the mast. We are unable to get it to furl out of the mast in line with the remainder of the sail. As we start to reef in we note the fold continues down the sail. I decide rather than risk damage leaving it partly out in this condition and in these conditions to put it away completely.  The sail is finally fully housed in the mast in this folded condition. Very unsatisfactory. I am very unhappy with this sail. 

Now down to a well reefed in genny and mizzen, we are still making a SOG of up to 8.5kts.

A long and uncomfortable journey. After first sighting landfall some twenty miles ahead it doesn't seem to get any closer as we battle on through these large angry seas.

17:30. 37:08N 24:27E Koutala Bay. We are pleased when, at around 17:15hrs, we finally made this southern bay of Sefanos and dropped the hook in its NE corner. Well tucked in as we are the boat still swings wildly as the screaming northerly Meltemi winds gust down from the hills above us and come across the water to hit us at some 30 plus kts. The forecast tells us we have another three days of this. 

It might have the screaming winds in here and the boat may swing wildly about on its anchor chain, but at least the sea is relatively flatter - bit like Lake Windamere with strong winds. 

37:8.48N 24:31.12E Livadi After two nights of being battered by gale force winds in Koutala bay  we finally move around to the Island's port of Livadi some 6.5nm away on the east coast where we spend a further two nights. A smallish village or town Livadi has a nice friendly feel to it. On our second day here we take a taxi up to the small hilltop town above Livadi where we do some sightseeing before later having dinner in a recommended restaurant up there that offered magnificent views. Out taxi, which was with us all evening charged just 20€ ! 

Livadi looking west with Old town of Chormi on hill and looking east toward Port