Favignana and Porto Palo di Menfi

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 11 Jul 2013 11:30


37:34.45N 12:54.3E

Thursday 11.07.13

Favignana, Egadi Islands (Sicily) to Sciacca, SW Sicily ( 42 nm)

Weather: Fine and sunny; hazy, Light westerly wind.

Diesel 410L Water: 700 L Battery 75%

11:15 37:55.00N 12:18.30E Anchorage SE Favignana Island. After a snorkel we started generator to charge up batteries, make water and run washing m/c, before lifting anchor and setting a course of 154 degrees. Initially we sail with everything out, making a SOG of 5.6 kts. Progressively the wind and speed drop, the latter to 4kts prompting us to start the donkey. With full sail and 1800 rpm we cruise at 7.1 kts

15:00 37:33.03N 12:3697E CSE: 98.6 degrees. After motor sailing for 3.25 hrs with a SOG averaging 7.5kts, we now have a 17kt westerly wind; we cut engine and, under full sail with the wind almost up the chuff we are achieving a SOG of 5.9kts. Switch off generator after 4 hrs running. Batteries fully charged, washing done and 200 litres of water added to tank. Great to be pure sailing again.

Sailing past Selinunte and the Greek temple of Hera that offers an impressive sight from the sea.

We decide to go to Porto Palo which is en route. A small harbour too shallow to enter but good shelter on anchorage off harbour’s east side breakwater.

17:15 37:34.45N 12:54.3E Arrive Porto Palo. Drop anchor in 3m of water over sand just off a busy beach and close to small harbour entrance. J is in the water and soon reports of a black swimming sea slug, performing like a Spanish dancer under Bootlegger’s hull.


Went ashore in rubber dubby for fresh provisions. Dropped into terrace bar for a sundowner and met a young family from Paris, Richard, Anais and six year old daughter Satin. After usual pleasantries invited to join them. Geneva born Richard explained they were into day 3 of a 16 day holiday. They were staying in a self catering house out in the country quite close by. We ended up having dinner together in a local restaurant. A good evening.