Gibraltar to Palma, Majorca ( Formentera to Ibiza Leg )

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 11 Jul 2012 09:38


Thursday 120712


16:00 38:57.17N 01:31.39W



Gibraltar to Palma ( Formentera to Ibiza)


Noon: 38:46.66N 01:25.447E Formentera Anchorage. Engine on as we weigh anchor and leave Formentera after a lovely swim and shower. Jackie prepares pasta with courgettes whilst Frank avoids the numerous yachts and ferries crossing Bootlegger’s path in the waters between Formentera and Ibiza Town, narrowly avoiding a collision on two occasions due to sheer ignorance and incompetence aboard the other two craft.



13:00 38:54.53N 01:26,5E We enter Ibiza’s crowded harbour and a nightmare begins as we endeavour to obtain a mooring for the night !!! Numerous boats, mainly power boats full of holidaymakers, are constantly coming in at us from all directions. What an overcrowded, unfriendly place this is ! Get us outa here !


14:30 After spending two hours trying to find a berth in three marinas only to be told they were full or in one case that it would cost us €400 for the night we leave Ibiza harbour passing the recently arrived cruise ship Costa Selena to port as we depart.


16:00 38:57.17N 01:31.39W Dropped anchor in crowded Bay next to Santa Eulalia.


After a swim we have the usual aperitifs’ aboard before going ashore for a meal in the tender.


Distance done since Peel: 2,102 nm on 30 April 2012