Stefanos to Corfu Town and our time there 6 to 15 September 2013

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 15 Sep 2013 15:49
39:46N 19:57E

Ag. Stefanos to Corfu Old Town ( 9 nm )


10:20 39:45.97N 19:56.97E Stefanos Bay: Bootlegger and Birgitta raise anchor and, in the absence of any wind, motor south to Corfu town.

Noon 39:46N 19:57E Corfu Sailing Club Marina. J booked berths ahead by phone; fortunately as the yachts arriving after us are turned down. Birgitta and Bootlegger arrive together in this little picturesque marina nestled below the steep walls of the old fort that once guarded the entrance to Corfu Old Town harbour.

Arriving at Corfu Sailing Club, nestled at the foot of the old Fort

An enviable and much sought after place to be moored, the sailing club’s facilities include a superb well patronised restaurant and bar and a small, private beach. We are even provided with live continuous classical piano music by the Ionian Conservatory located in the fort complex - a former Briitish army hospital - above us. A kingfisher, blue tits and nightingales add to the colourful picture. A superb place to be! We book in for the week in order that Jackie may have her finger - which is painful and troubling her, seen and attended to at the local hospital. Murray also has to go there so off they went together with Agnes..

J’s finger is found to be quite infected and has to be cut open to a greater extent - with a remaining, invisible at the time, piece of glass to be removed - and re-stitched, this time with eight stitches ! She is lectured by the doctor to ensure that this time she keeps her hand well away from water. Not much chance with my little water rat ...

Jackie shows her potential as a ventriloquist

We learn Murray has been admitted for tests which are undertaken over a couple of days before he is discharged looking happy and healthy again. Lyn, Agnes and Jackie travel on the bus to the hospital where they learn patience. As Jackie is already prepared for surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon engages in mobile phone conversations that appear to irritate and upset him, as he yelled, kicked the wall and threw documents. During this time, the operating theatre was also filled with the sound of ring tones of the two assisting nurses' mobile phones. This all appeared to be normal practice.

Whilst it was an enforced stay, we very much enjoyed our time here in Corfu, enjoying good weather, exploring the town, eating out, shopping, and swimming daily off our little beach under the fort.

The lovely beach under the pine trees and the wall of the old Fort


The gate to our temporary residence
The former moat of the old Fort now used as a harbour by fishermen

Birgitta under canopy and Bootlegger
View of the Corfu Sailing Club Marinas with Bootlegger far right

Sunday 15 September 2013

After yet another farewell dinner, we say goodbye to Murray and Lyn who head off south to Paxos.