Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 9 Feb 2010 14:16

Bootlegger of Mann  Log


Date 08 – 09 0210  


13:00N 61:14W


Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Bequia


Caribbean Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E 15 – 20kts


13:00N 61:14W Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Bequia.




08.30 hrs Ran generator for 4 hrs as battery voltage down to 21.7 v


Moved to another visitors buoy owned by ‘Nappy’ a much more reliable man.


Tony turned up to see why we changed mooring – and where was his. He received

a severe dressing down from the Skipper who pointed out the frayed ends of the

rope that had parted underwater were browned with age and that we had clearly

only been held on the few remaining strands until the rope had finally parted.

Had we not been aboard when his mooring broke the outcome would have been

much different.


He had obviously never checked the mooring. He was extremely concerned about

being reported to the authorities. I said as no damage had been done I would not

take it further. He refunded the EC$ 50 mooring fee. He then wanted the frayed

mooring rope back. I refused. We have it aboard as evidence should it be called for.


Remainder of day comprise wander around Pt Elizabeth with an omelette lunch.


18:00 Went ashore for a superb lobster dinner which was most reasonably priced

at the nearby Coco’s Place.




09:00 Late up for once. Awoken by knock on hull. It was Stephanie; the French lady

from ‘Listya’, an Amel Sharkie we had passed en route from Mareau to Mustique.

We had photographed each other as we passed and here she was, with two little girls

in tow with a memory stick containing the pics she had taken of ‘Bootlegger’. I gratefully

received them and in turn copied the pics of ‘Listya’ I had taken onto the stick for her.


It transpired in conversation that they are returning to Brest their home port in May.

As we were going to be crossing the Atlantic at the same time an invitation was extended

to me to join she and her husband Jann for drinks at 17:00 hrs when we could  discuss

the trip.


13.15hrs We again had an omelette lunch at ‘De Bistro’. The Gingerbread was later booked

 for dinner at 19:30 hrs.


15.30: I spotted a diver working on the mooring of an adjacent boat and asked the attendant

boat crew could he fit my spare bow thruster prop? He’d have a go was the response as he’d

never seen the type before.. Delighted to report that between us we managed the operation

and as a result Bootlegger once again has a fully operational bow thruster.


FN 090210