07/08 Feb. Passage: Frigate Bay, St Kitts to Road Town, Tortola, BVI - Distance 131.6 nm

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 8 Feb 2009 20:53
Bootlegger Log
Saturday 070209

Position: 18:24.8690N 64:36.2877W

Passage: Frigate Bay, St Kitts to Road Town, Tortola, BVI - Distance 131.6 nm

Crew: FN / KB

Frigate Bay 17:16.5886N 62:41.3914 Weather: Beautiful day; fine and sunny
with 60% cloud cover. Wind: E 10 – 12kts Fuel left: 450 litres

11.05 Weighed anchor and set an initial heading for WP111 the first of
three in Route 15 to Road Island, SOG: 7.1 kts on engine. Tortola. DTG
131.6 nm ETA: 08.30 hrs Sunday.

14.30 17:27.52N 63:04W Sailing – all out. S.O.G. ave. 7.3kts Wind: 22kts
DTG to next WP: 105.3nm CSE: 315 m. Just passed Dutch island of St
Eustacious, looks like it has a bunkering facility with several tankers
lying off what is at the end of the day a very small island. The next
island to pass is Saba, again Dutch. At Kevin’s suggestion introduced Day
Watch. I’m on 12 – 16.00. Kevin forward, asleep. Think we will revert to the
normal Night Watch system after today.

16.15 17:34.52N 63.15.74W Kevin’s Watch until 20.00 hrs. Weather: Fine &
Sunny. Wind: E 22.5kts T S.O.G.: 8.2kts DTG: 91nm

19.15 17:48.207N 63:37.46W KB Watch. First all night sail since the ARC.
Still sailing with every thing up. Wind: E26.7 T S.O.G: 8.3kts,
DTG:66.6nm TTG: 8hrs 54 mins. ETA: 08.10 hrs. Batteries: 24.2v. Cruise
ship Carnival Victory coming up . off Port quarter. Called him up for a
radar reflector check. He confirmed he had us on radar 7.3 nm to
Starboard. Relieved Kevin who came off Watch to make a lovely dinner of
home made burgers that he made with his own hands. Difficult to consume
with the heavy rolling of the boat.

We have a current ETA on present speed of 03.30 hrs. Decided to lose main
and reduce headsail giving us a reduced speed of 6 – 6.5 kts and a new ETA
of 05.00 hrs.

22.00 hrs 17:57.095N 63:54.205W FN Watch. Vessel 9.3 nm to Starboard
sailing in opposite direction.

Sunday 08 Feb. 03:45 hrs 18:17.65N 64:25.755W FN Watch. Very rollie with
large waves. S.O.G: 6.5kts with headsail handkerchief and mizzen only out.
Wind: E23 -30kts. Can see Peter, Salt and Cooper islands some twelve nm
ahead and the many lights of Tortola behind.

06.30 hrs 18:25.445N 64:36.814 F.W.E. after dropping anchor in Road Bay,
Tortola near to Moorings Marina. Distance done : 134nm Time taken: 19 hrs
from anchorage to anchorage. Engine hrs: 1.00 Gen. run : 5hrs

Later moved into Village Cay Marina where we took berth B14. Place is very
much geared to the US charter market and is full of charter yachts, mainly