Passage from Nazare to Portimao, southern Portugal

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 4 Jul 2012 17:46

Wednesday 04 July 2012


38:25.92N 09:36.822W



Off Lisbon on passage from Nazare to Portimao, Portugal






Wednesday 04 July 2012


37:04.422N 08:31.90W



Nazare to Portimao, Portugal ( Passage Six )


Crew: Frank Newton; Jackie Fehle


Conditions: Wind: NW 3 - 4 Sea state: slight to moderate Visibility: Fair Outlook : Wind: W20 + kts ; Fog Thursday morning


Fuel 400 litres. Water 490 litres. Gas 1.25 Bottles


DTG: 66 nm, Distance done since Peel: 1298 nm


17:15 - 39:35N 09:04W Leave Nazare harbour under engine. Set Mizzen, bearing 241. No wind, swell from NW.


18:00 – 39:33.88N 09:09.13W All sails out, engine 1700 revs, speed 7.5 kt.


18:30 39:31.5N 09:13.9W Engine switched off. Wind W15 - 18kts. SOG: 7.8kts CSE: 235 degrees


21.30 39:15.43N 09:35W New bearing 189 degrees. Sloppy swelly following sea doing only 5kts having taken in genoa which was flapping about and doing nothing. Engine switched back on to bring us back to 7.7kts at 1800 rpm.


22:45 Jackie takes over watch.


24:00 38,50N 09:39W Full moon. Partial cloud. Beautiful night, Motor sailing 1800 rpm SOG 8kts; CSE 182Bearing 189 degrees. Frank goes to rest.


01:30 38:47.119N 09:39.325W After reaching the waypoint, Jackie decides to roll in main as course change of 15 degrees to 174 would otherwise cause sails to gybe. Now motoring with mizzen only out as wind has weakened and swell is still quite rough.


02:00 38:43.62N 09:38.8W Frank takes 2 - 5 watch.CSE 178 SOG 7/0 kts Wind NNW15kts Bearing 174 degrees


04:15 38:26.78N 09:34W Off SW approach to Lisbon harbour entrance, Motoring 2000rpm, SOG 8.0 kts. A busy area with much traffic entering exiting or passing to the north and south of Lisbon. Course and speed radically change as I sit at nav table entering these log notes. On investigation find Autopilot supply has tripped out and boat is out of control. Reset supply to system and bring boat back on course to 174 degrees. Nasty moment.


05:00 38:23N 09:34W Jackie takes 5 - 8 watch


07:00 38:07N 09:30.69W Nothing to report


08:15 Frank takes over the watch. Jackie makes a full English breakfast before going to rest. It was great except for the bacon which was very Portuguese – smoked and very salty.

10:45 37:36.11 09:25W SOG 07kts CSE 172 degrees Wind: 18kts a vessel astern is identified as the MV Sia, a Gibraltar registered pleasure yacht. She is doing some 13.2 kts and is up our chuff on the same bearing about 7nm astern. I called her up and requested a radar check. Am advised by English voice that they have us but that the signal is weak.


16:45 36:58.49N 09:00.78W Arrived Cabo S. Vicente, changed sails to starboard and course to 121, SOG: 7.7 kts.


17:25 36:57.28N 08:54.20W Wind N 27 kn with gusts up to 35 kn. Reduced all sails to 50% speed 8.2 kts. Later roll in main completely. Decide to make for the shelter of Portimao to the north for the night. As we turn northwards it gets very wet. In what are very difficult conditions Jackie provides sustenance in the form of Bruschette with dried iberico ham on an olive oil, chilli and shallot sauce.



20:00 37:06.37N 08:31.7W Arrive at the sheltered entrance to Portimao. All lt all looks very calm pleasant and attractive in here on this fine sunny evening and a world away from the conditions we have been experiencing earlier; nice well appointed marina and anchorage within the harbour area.


20:30 7W With the assistance of two marineros we take berth F1 in marina and, after tidy up, go ashore for a walk and a bite to eat.




Distance done since Porto 324 nm ( 1,509 nm done since departing Peel) . Fuel consumed since Porto 180 L.( 1.666 L per nm ).