La Coruna to Porto

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 22 Jun 2012 17:14


22 June 2012


43:04.044N 09:25.05W


La Coruna to Porto, Portugal via Cape Finistaire ( Dist. 173nm )

Fuel: 350 litres; Water: 600 litres; Batteries 96% Gas:1.25 Bottles


Crew: Frank Newton, Jackie Fehle, Andrew Webster, Mike Stanton


Weather: sunny with good visability. Winds W3 Forecast to go to north.


After spending three nights here time is fast running out for us to catch our flights out of Lisbon this Sunday. We have been kept here due to strong SW winds and high waves off Cap Finistaire. Today’s forecast however gives winds veering to north and a reasonable sea state for the area. I decide to go for Porto, about half way to Lisbon and leave the boat there. It will be much easier to get to Lisbon from Porto than from La Coruna.


12:30 43:22.09N 08:23.173W La Coruna Marina,.Spain Slipped our berth and headed out due north to sea. Later turned to a westerly bearing and the Atlantic.


16:00 43:20.41:8N 08:59.73W CSE 230 W: northerly 4. All sail out and engine on 2200 rpm giving us a S.O.G of 8.0 kts Mike on watch. Andrew on stand by and Jackie resting. Fine afternoon with some dolphins.


18:00 43:04.044N 09:2505W Arrive Cape Finistaire approach


18:50 43:03.61N 09:23.05W Wind NW 5kn. Put Genoa and Main away.


20:50 42:47..25N 09:23.41W

Genoa poled out, COG 180, speed 10 kn, wind NW 22 kn


21:30 42:31.81N 09:19.82W

Genoa shifted to starboard. NNE 25, clear, star filled sky