Passage: Marin to Grande Anse, Martinique

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 27 Jan 2009 20:47
Tuesday 270109 :
Position: 14:30.21N 61:05.179W
Crew FN / KN / KB
Passage: Marin to Grande Anse, Martinique
Marin Martinique. Weather: Frequent showers Wind: E 20 – 22 kts
14.30 14:28N 60:52W After taking on approx. 250 litres of fuel to acieve
full tank and departed Marin for Ft De France – some four hours passage
time from Marin.
15.20 14:26.45N 60.58W: Motor sailing – main out with gibe preventer to
Diamond Rock. SOG: 8.0kts CSE: 286 degrees.
16.30 14:29.60N 61:06.02 Sailing. Wind E20kts SOG 8kts
17.00 14:30.21N 61:05.179W. After a very pleasant sail we dropped anchor
here in Grande Anse Bay off a delightful looking fishing village called
funnily enough, Grande Anse.
After we all had a swim during which we saw lots of star fish Sundowners
were had before FN cooked dinner – corned beef hash, his first non-soup
meal in three days. Much enjoyed by all in the candlelit cockpit. FN
washed up; KB dried. After dinner and washing up, Karl and I talked for a
while before turning in.