Majorca cruising - Porto Portals to Andraix

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 28 Jul 2012 07:59

Saturday 28th July 2012


39:32.6N  02:22.8E



Porto Portals to Andraitx


39:31.9N 02:34.7E Anchorage; Portals: Following the engineer’s visits to Bootlegger

and with the bow thruster now repaired we are once more fully operational. 


We leave the Portals anchorage and  after a visit to the fuel dock where we have 

filled up with 341 litres of diesel (consumption Gib to Palma – 530 nm) we sail 

around to Andraitx on Majorca’s SW coast.


We pick up a mooring (€47 a night) at the old anchorage area below the Hotel Italia.  

After dinner we went ashore and met up for drinks at ‘Tim’s’ with old friends from the 

Isle of Man, Alvin and Suzanne Harding who have a second home in Andraitx.


The plan is to leave tomorrow, Sunday for Barcelona, a 113nm, 16hr journey.