12/13 Mar. 135 nm Passage from St Croix, USVI to Charlestown, Nevis (Nevis & St Kitts)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 13 Mar 2009 22:00
Bootlegger Log
Thursday March 12 – Friday March 13
17:08.867N 62:57.881
Passage from Green Cay Marina, St Croix, USVI to Marin, Martinique, FWI
Via Nevis and St Kitts

Crew: FN/KB

17:45.594N 64:40.091W Weather fine with occasional showers; Wind 18kts
DTG: 355nm

18.00 Slipped mooring at 18.00 hrs. and headed out to open sea

21.00 17:43.79 64:28.13 KB Watch start. Wind 20 -26ktsw; SOG 7.2kts CSE: 122

00.00 17:35.11n 64:08.4W FN Watch. Wind: 25kts SOG: 7.5kts CSE: 121 degrees
DTG 82.3nm. During KB Watch two merchant ships passed; one ahead
passing ahead to Port and the other across our stern to starboard.
Our position found to be 3.6 nm south of the rum line. Changed
course to 110 in endeavour to correct, necessitating use of engine.

03.00 17:30.69N 63:49.82W KB Watch. Motor Sailing. Wind: 23kts SOG: 6.7k
COG: 117 degrees. Ship, ‘Adventurer of the Seas’ sighted on converging course,
10nm south. Saba sighted at 10 ‘O Clock. Dirty weather ahead.

06.00 17:27.839N 63:33.23W FN Watch. Motor Sailing. Wind ENE18kts SOG 4.5kts
COG: 105 degrees. DTG:to Basse Terre, St Kitts: 48nm DTG Mart.:

09.00 17:22.60N 63:16.88W Motor Sailing. Wind ENE 22kts SOG 6.5 – 7.2kts
COG: 128 degrees. DTG Charlestown, Nevis: 41 nm ETA 16.00; DTG:
Martinique: 241nm. After being headed changed course for
Charlestown, Nevis which is slightly south of Basseterre, St Kitts and which
we can lay.

Noon 17:14.65N 62:59W Sailing. Donkey turned off at 11.30 hours after
11.5 hrs running. Wind: 21ktsT SOG: 7.5kts DTG to Nevis: 21nm

12.10 Donkey turned on again as wind suddenly dropped. SOG:
3.8kts. Alex called to say just had lunch with Henthorn who retires April 1.
Got latest joke - Irishman and three pints …

16.30 17:08.867N 62:57.881 FWE. Arrived at overnight anchorage; Charlestown,
Nevis picking up visitors mooring to north of town. Downside is
there is no dinghy dock in the vicinity to enable us to get ashore.
Distance done: 135nm Time taken: 22.5 hours. Engine run for 17 hrs. Generator run
for 3 hours to enable dinner and for battery re-charge. Dinner aboard.