Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 7 Oct 2014 07:13

36:43.43N 24:26.85E 

6th - 7th October 2014

36:43.43N 24:26.85E Adamas Milos.  We spend two nights here  

Known as the island of colour with its various colours of volcanic rock, Milos is the home of Venus de Milo - dug up by a local farmer when she reputedly still had arms. 

This horse shoe shaped  volcanic island is the southernmost island in the Cyclades area of the Aegean. It's capital, Adamas where we are now berthed stern to, is a most attractive well laid out place with a quality feel about it.  Above all one is struck by the cleanliness and how well maintained the invariably freshly painted blue and white buildings and fishing boats are that line the town quay.

Adamas.                                             Pretty village resort of Polonia in the NE

 Adamas is clearly set up to accommodate many tourists during the season with its many restaurants and hotels on the waterfront, but now, out of season, there are few visitors, being mainly yacht people like ourselves. We noted from the ensigns and courtesy flags there are visiting yachtsmen here from Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, U.S., Russia, Poland, and Rumania as well as at least two Irish nationals.

Monday 7th October.  We hire a car for 20€ and do' the island's main 'hot spots', including the amphitheatre, catacombs and the delightfully picturesque village of Placa.

Above and below: Pictured at Sarakiniko on the north of Milos, with its white 
volcanic dust based rock, a  common feature of this volcanic island.


Below: The picturesque village of Thaca ( Faca)  


View from the amphitheatre at Tripiti