Day 7 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 17 May 2011 00:25


40:29.4N 057:27W  

Tuesday 17th May 2011 


Awoke 06:50. Beautiful day –  perfect sailing conditions. Estimate Force 4; 3 ft waves


07:30 Breakfast with Captain, Chief Engineer and Alex 1. Oh no! Chef must think I want scrambled eggs 

with garlic and cheese EVERY morning now; here it is again…


10:00 Coffee on bridge. As per usual, Russian officers gather in a huddle on one side of the bridge, whilst

 the Captain Chef and I are on the other side …


Visited Bootlegger for battery check: 25V.


Noon Position: 40:29.4N 057:27W  


!2:30 Lunch Captain; Chief Engr and Alex’s 1 & 2. For me,  Soup followed by Chicken and pineapple with

mashed potatoes. Dessert, melon, pineapple and kiwi fruit segments.


A BBQ on deck is proposed for tomorrow. Weather expected to remain fine.


13:20 Sun gone in with increasing cloud cover. Seas have built to Force 5. Waves 6 feet.


13:40 Now 100% cloud cover. Course 90 degrees; S.O.G.: 19.1 kt; DTG : 2,456nm; current

 ETA 14:30, Mon. 23 May.


16:45 Blue skies ahead and sea state now slight to moderate; wave height 3 ft. S.O.G. 17.8kt.


17:30 Evening meal. Usual team. Pancakes ! Lots of ‘em. Bacon, plain and apple.

Excellent. Seems the BBQ is this time tomorrow evening, not lunchtime.


18:00 Clocks changed with additional hour. Now 19:00


        Just learnt from the Chief Officer who comes from Murmansk at the very top of Russia

        that the seas never freeze up there because of – The Gulf Stream !! Who would have thought

        it went that far?


        Worked on video.


        Went to bed and read about Richard Burton, Explore, soldier, etc etc etc.