Passage from Preveza to Foci Bay, Kefalonia ( 43 nm )

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 6 Sep 2014 20:34

Friday 06 September

38:57.53N 20:45.33 Preveza Town Quay

Passage from Preveza to Foci Bay, Kefalonia ( 43 NM )

Crew: Frank and Jackie 

Weather:  Fine with good visibility. Wind: NW 14 to 16 kts. 

13:45. We departed Preveza's town quay at 13:45 and, after making our way down the buoyed channel and out into open sea, set a course of 180 degrees for the entrance to the canal between the mainland and the island of Lefkas some five miles to the south. With full genny and main out we made some 7 to 8 kts close hauled with a now nice fresh SSW wind blowing. 

We need to be at the entrance to the canal by 15:00. This is when the road bridge crossing the canal next opens in order to let north and southbound boat traffic through which happens on the hour. We got there just as the bridge had closed - a minute or so too late ! It is now a matter of hanging around for an hour or heading back out and sailing around the west side of Lefkas, down to Kefalonia. We decide to take the latter option. 

We have a nice uneventful sail around , some of it motor sailing, as the wind dropped off. The west coast of Lefkas has some nice beaches but has no ports or sheltered anchorages. Would not like to get caught out here in a storm with an onshore wind. 

38:27.14N 20:34E. We are just off Lefkas's SW coast. Jackie has cooked a lovely dinner of stuffed peppers which proves very tasty and which we eat at the cockpit table whilst maintaining a watchful eye out.

38:27.14N 20:34.68E  20:00 hrs. Foci Bay, Kefalonia. We have finally arrived and.dropped anchor roughly in the middle of the Bay. It is really good to be back; we have spent some good times here. 

It has been a most enjoyable 6 hr sail from Preveza over a distance of some 43.5 NM at an average speed of 7.16 kts which we are pleased with. But now we are tired and ready for an early night.

Chart plotter image of our position at dinner.         Skipper with his evening meal and a watchful eye out

Pass small island to starboard as we head south. Jackie takes the Watch