Day 3 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 12 May 2011 23:53


33:19.46N 069:04.90W 

Friday 130511 ( Day 3 )


06:30 Awoke. Big seas, white capped waves.


07:00 Arose and took shower shaved and went down for breakfast

- porridge and croissant


Mentioned over breakfast I would like to have tour of the engine room; pair 

of ear protectors later left outside my cabin.


10:30 Went up to bridge for a coffee. Chatted with Captain about IoM, motor bikes,

Jeremy Clarkson etc. Noted the AB’s out on the decks washing them down as well

as the accommodation  passageway floors.


Note from instrumentation we have 45kn of wind across the deck. 

Ship S.O.G. 13.3 kn. A mainsail was loosening off on a yacht at the bow end. 

A deckhand secured it.


Went into heavy rain with low visibility for half an hour before it slowly cleared.


Captain Richard relieved by 2nd Oficer ‘Alex the Miserable’ from Murmansk


Noon Position: 33:19.46N 069:04.90W  


12:30 Lunch. Skipper, First Officer, Chief Engineer; Alex’s 1 & 2. Fish and chips 

– well it is Friday. Melon and pineapple for dessert.


Asked Chief Engineer Sergei for engine room tour. We did it immediately after lunch. 

My how things have changed. She is a single screw with three generators.


15:30 Fine afternoon. Seas have moderated. Ship S.O.G. 15.1 kn. We had a couple 

of heavy showers.


16:45 Went aboard Bootlegger to check the backstays and batteries. Both OK. 

Battery reading 24.3 v. Brought bed linen back to wash but every time I go to the washing 

m/c it is in use….


!7:35 Went for evening meal. Captain, 3 x Alex’s and one of the young Russians not 

seen at table until now. Name unknown. Of the various options on offer I had smoked 

salmon on bread with a fried egg. A banana for dessert.


20:30 35:24N 69:39W


Watched ‘Restripo’ movie.