Passage from St Thomas, USVI to Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVI

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 19 Feb 2009 22:32
Bootlegger Log

Thursday 19 February 2009

18:23.174N 64:42.232W
18:20.324N 64:55.89W Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas; USVI. Weather: Overcast
with frequent heavy showers. Wind: NNE, strong, gusting 25kts

09.00 Reported to US Customs and Homeland Security office by ferry
terminal for ‘Clearing In’. Having completed form and processed by a friendly local
official, a less friendly Immigration officer advised that our Visa Waiver ‘Approvals’
were not valid. We had to have come in by an ‘approved commercial carrier’.
And that is what we are going to have to do. Return to the BVI’s, take a ferry to say
St John, USVI, get our VW's stamped at the port of entry then return to USVI with boat
and stamped VW’s. I explained we had made it clear our intended means of
entry in the online application form, referring throughout to ‘private yacht’ and it had
been approved on that basis. So, now its back to the BVI on a shit day to
meet the requirements of the system.

13.00 Weighed anchor and headed out to open sea on Route 23 back to
Tortola (Sopers Hole) DTG: 13.2 nm.

15.00 18:17.330N 64:50W Motoring. Punching into large waves. SOG: 2.5 –

18.00 18:23.174N 64:42.232W Sopers Hole. After some hunting around for a
suitable place to anchor, dropped hook just off ferry terminal and
Customs/Immigration. F.W.E. Went ashore for dinner at the nearby Jolly
Roger. Heavy rain during evening.
Engine hours: 5 Gen: 3