Day 6 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 16 May 2011 22:20


40:25N 066.20W

Monday 16th May 2011 ( Day 6 )


06:30 Awoke. Looked out; grey.


07:00 Rang down to Galley and asked Chef to put cheese and garlic in my pre-ordered scrambled eggs.


07:30 Captain, Chief Engineer, 2 x Alex’s at table. My scrambled eggs were served – with smoked salmon.


08:00 Caught up with my log. Weather: poor visability, winds around 5 -6, raining – on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.


10:00 Coffee time on bridge


The Queen Mary passed on our port side,13 nm to north, bound for NY.


Noon Position: 40:25N 066.20W  Visability improved somewhat; sunny. Sea state moderate. Wind S 4-5.


12:30 Lunch: Captain, Chief Engr; Chief Officer, Alex 1. Soup; fried chicken breast and potato wedges with salad. Fruit and whipped cream desert.


Richard advises Sean Lines been in communication. Looking to start loading from middle of ship. He had replied that I was looking to get off early.


Worked on computer during afternoon. Did schedule for Bootlegger’s return to IoM


17.30 Went down for evening meal. Fried eggs on toast.


18:00 Clocks move forward one hour. Now 19:00; 3 hours behind UK


18:30 Back to computer to finished schedule.


Through my cabin window I see a full moon shining on calm sea. Clear night sky. Very romantic. Spotted ship crossing Moon’s silver reflection on water. AIS says she is bound for Boston with general cargo. Would have made a brilliant photograph.


E-mailed M and Russell with proposed schedule.


Visited bridge to get a coffee. ‘Chatty, Not’ 2nd Officer Alex on the 12 - 4 Watch.