Bootlegger Blog - ARC 2007 Log Day 14

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 9 Dec 2007 05:45

Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 081207


Day Fourteen


00.01    16.05N  46.22  Wind true ESE 20 – 27kts gusting 30 plus kts. COG 28 degrees

             SOG 7 - 8kts ongoing squally conditions. MS


03.00    16.01N 46.43W Wind Easterly generally mid 20’s true, gusting 37kts true.

             Very heavy prolonged rain/wind squalls. Reefed down to minimum genny and

              no mizzen. Still averaging 7.5 kts SOG  MS


06.00     15.57N 47.04W Wind ESE 22 -27kts true, gusting up to 37kts true at times

              followed by brief lulls of 15kt winds true. With hankie only up on forestay our

              SOG 5.5 – 6kts our COG 272. At watch changeover weather really deteriorated

              With the wind swiftly moving to the south as the heavens again opened with

              a sustained torrential downpour – the course was progressively changed to

              303 degrees to take account of the wind change and to maintain a broad reach.

              The rain was so heavy and dense as it drove into the cockpit from the Port

              side one could’nt read the instruments. FN / EMc


09.30     15.57N 47.04W Generator started. Chargers switched on.


09.30     Watermaker started 


11.15     Watermaker off (run time 1.75hrs)


11.30     Generator off (2 hrs) Continual rain squalls with winds gusting to 40 plus kts


11.35    Yacht Spam reported to be de-masted and sinking with holed hull some sixty

              miles to the NE of us. Several boats in the area have offered assistance


12.00    Noon position 16.19N 44.53W.  COG 280 degrees. Cloudy with

             occasional squalls coming through. Cooler today with the cold front

             we are experiencing.  FN


             Sent position report to Cowes. FN



13.00    With a drop in wind strength resulting in just 3.5kts SOG put engine on.  FN


13.26    Wind back to 15kts true; engine switched off ( 26 mins run time)  FN


14.00    Daily SSB Roll Call.  Again very poor reception,

             again requested our position be relayed to Cowes.  FN


15.30   The day took a serious turn for the worse when the winds very suddenly swung to the north and then the west within a couple of minutes. The rain came down at such a density and intensity as to flatten the high waves again within minutes with visability being reduced to just a few metres. With the wind now on the nose and with little or no visability we pulled in the sails and ran with engine in what can only be described as horrendous conditions.  Have to say other than perhaps a heavy prolonged squall during Antigua Race Week in 1999 I have never witnessed such conditions. FN


17.30   Engine switched off ( 2 hrs run time ).  Weather moderated, rain down to occasional heavy showers, wind, for the moment it seems, settled at 60 degrees off the Starboard bow, conditions moderated enough to set the repaired Port pole, run the genny sheet through it and fully pull out the genny along with main and mizzen. – its likely we shall need to bring them all back to Starboard later as the usual Trades resume.


20.30    Ray did dinner to suit conditions – a very tasty curry again eaten

             out of bowls in cockpit. Very good!



21.00   15.47N 48.37W Wind NNE 20kts true; COG 275, SOG 7 -7.5kts all sails pulling –

             main reefed in 25%. No Sightings. Distance to go 721nm  RT



00.00   15.46 48.43W wind 32 kts true COG 270 degrees SOG 8.5 – 9.3kts

            Very little sail up, handkerchief on forestay and ¼ mizzen out only. RT


            Wind increased during past hour to steady NNE 27-30kts true and gusting

            37kts true. Reduced all three sails. Lightning to the east indicates

            continued presence of thunderstorms. Miles done this watch 21nm. RT


            Distance done over twenty four hour period 168 nm FN