On passage from Falmouth and arrival at Kilmore Quay, Eire

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 5 Jun 2011 09:58

52:10.422N 006:35.22W

Sunday 5 June 2011

Southampton to Isle of Man ( Day 4 )

On passage : Falmouth to Kilmore Quay, Eire

01:00 51:08.43.786 N 006:14.69W St Georges Channel, 70nm NW of Lands End.

Engine 2500 RPM S.O.G. 5.5 – 6 kt; Wind N 23 kt. On nose; CSE 04 degrees.
Sail all in as we bang into it, regularly dropping into big hole. Noticed
bright light off to NW but nothing showing on radar. Later identified as a

13:30 Target picked up on AIS 10 nm ahead that disappears then reappears.

14.00 Watch change time to second of the two watches.

Target noted earlier identified as a fishing boat.

Main brought back out.

07:45 51:34.26N 006:24.78W

08:00 L spotted two dolphins on our Starboard side; always a joy to see.

09:00 51:44.97N 006:27.35W S.O.G. 7.5kt; CSE 357kt; Wind NE 22.8 DTG:
25.8. Cargo ship passes 1.5nm off our Port side on southerly course.

Weather grey, damp and with moderate visability; NE wind also making it
cold. Very quiet out here. Little shipping and no radio traffic.

Just 2 nm off Conningbeg Lightship position and still not got it
visually. Have sighted a Cardinal mark.

Noon Position: 52:03 6:43W Just 2.5nm west of the old Conningbeg
Lightship; now a Cardinal mark for past year although still showing as a
ship in Reeds. Poor visability.

Spoke to Alice Rose, a yacht berthed in Kilmore Quay as unable to raise
Harbour Master. Advised harbour full of yachts and no room for us but that
two were leaving in an hour.

12:15 Harbour Master called to say we can tie up alongside green trawler
until yachts leave.

Heard ‘Florence’ calling the Harbour Master on 09 without success. Called
her to acquaint her with latest position in harbour. We sighted her off
to Port. A new very pretty Descovery 55, the last time saw her was when
she was alongside Bootlegger in Southampton. The odds of us both the
leaving there and arriving together at a fairly obscure port on the SE tip
of Ireland were incredible to say the least.

13:35 52:10.327N 006:35.285W Arrived Kilmore Quay. After a tight approach
and entering this very small harbour through a tight entrance 90 degrees
to the approach, tied up on the small marina’s hammerhead. ‘Florence’ tied
up alongside us.

Well, apart from the leg from Falmouth to Lands End it has been motor
sailing the whole way so far.

Went ashore for a lunch of fish and chips. Later we took a stroll up
through this one street town and had a drink at a pub where a live band
was hammering it out in the pub's garden. Later we had a wonderful meal in
the Silver Fox Restaurant. Would thoroughly recommend it.