Poole to Dartmouth

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 3 Jun 2011 18:04


50:19.65N 03:33.19W

Southampton to Isle of Man ( Day 3 )

Passage: Poole to Dartmouth - 82nm

Crew: FN + RA and LA

Thursday 030611

50:43.07N 001:59W: Poole Quay Marina

Weather: Fine and sunny with little or no wind. HW: Noon

09:00 Departed Marina and made our way down 6 nm buoyed channel to open
sea; set course 273 degrees to SW of St Alban’s Head. Our ETA Dartmouth
18:30 hrs

Noon Position: 50:29N 02.00W

Motor sailing ; CSE 244 degrees; Wind 10kt S.O.G. 8 KT ; DTG: 51 nm.

Lots of VHF traffic re small boats in trouble.

12:30 hrs Lunch: cheese and ham baps

12:40 With wind now on the nose genny pulled in. S.O.G. 8:4KT

13:15 Off Portland Bill COG 253 degrees

15:00 50:26N. 02:24W COG 262 degrees S.O.G. 9 kt DTG 44 nm

16:30 50:21.72N 03:09.9W CSE 266 degrees S.O.G.8:3Kt DTG 14:7nm ETA 18:20

18:30 50:19.65N 03:33.19W CSE 265 degrees. Arrived at the Dart mouth

Following arrival off Dartmouth main town quay was approached by Harbour
Authority vessel who offered assistance and who advised no berths
available and attempted to put us between two large mid river buoys spaced
to accommodate large vessel. Lines not long enough to reach both on a ‘let
slip’ basis. They said there was nothing else except to go right up river
to an anchorage some 2.5nm away. As we went up river spotted a pontoon
saying ‘double berthing’ So we did.

20:15 50:19.65N 03:34.68W Finally moored mid river pontoon mooring
alongside a 46’ Beneteau

21:00 Advised Coastguard of safe arrival.

21:30 Took water taxi ashore. Had a nice meal in the Royal Castle Hotel on
the Quay.

23:00 Caught last water taxi back to Bootlegger.