Majorca Cruising

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 25 Jul 2012 07:55

Wednesday 25 July 2012


39:27.5N 02:31.4E  



39:33.7N 02:37.8E Pantalan Mediterraneo, Palma  to Andraitx via Porto Portals


After boat shop in Carrefour we depart from Pantalan Mediterrania to Illetas Cala 

anchorage between Palma and Porto Portals - where we later moved to in order

for engineer to come out  to repair the bow thruster. This is essential for future 

cruising. This includes a part expected from Amel, La Rochelle to be delivered by FedEx.


What a pleasure to be away from town at anchor and to be able to just jump over 

the side for a refreshing swim.


Wendy and David Hill friends from the IOMYC in Pt St Mary e-mailed to say they 

were celebrating  their Silver Wedding Anniversary in Majorca’s Porto Cristo on the 

east coast and hoped to see us whilst out here.


We had hoped to cruise up Majorca’s east coast before heading for Barcelona

And to meet up with the Hills but the delays caused by the bow thruster failure 

has sadly put paid to that. We shall now have to head straight from Andraitx due 

north to Barcelona where it is intended to leave the boat for the month of August..