Dartmouth to Falmouth

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 4 Jun 2011 09:15

50:08.112N 005:01W

Friday 3 June 2011

Southampton to Isle of Man ( Day2 )

Passage : Dartmouth to Falmouth - 66nm

Fine and sunny. No cloud. Wind 12kt. Good vis.

07:30 50:22N 03:34.68W Dart River mooring. Slipped the trot and headed
down river. Beautiful morning.

In open water with 15kts of NE wind behind us. CSE 190 degrees. S.O.G.
5kts. According to Reeds HW 07.30 so we should have tide with us so why
does speed suggest the contrary. Must be back eddies on our course.

After rounding Start Point settle down on a westerly course of 271 degrees
with all sail out and some 52 nm to go to Falmouth..

11:00 HMS Somerset and RFA Orange Leaf ahead on apparent exercise given
manoeuvring taking place. Radioed them requesting confirmation OK to
maintain present course. They responded to the affirmative. Wind now
dropped off a lot. Necessary to roll in the sail and proceed on engine

Noon position: 50:09:86.5 004:10.35W

CSE 271 degrees; S.O.G. 8.4 kt ETA Falmouth entrance 16:30

For lunch, which we had in the sun on the cockpit table, did a seafood
salad of prawns, crab, salmon and sardines which we washed down with
nicely chilled Pinot Grigiot.

Beautiful afternoon; warm and sunny, no cloud – and no wind.

16:30 50:08.112N 005:01W Arrived at Falmouth channel entrance

17:30 50:09.506N 005:04W On visitors mooring L4, Falmouth harbour.
Beautiful warm evening. Not a breath of wind .

After G&T sundowners went ashore in water taxi . Recommended we went to
‘The Chain Locker’ overlooking harbour to eat. So we did, along with
everyone else in Falmouth it seemed. Sat at outside table and soaked in
the view. The meal ( escallops bacon and rice ) which was over an hour in
coming, was lovely when it came. It was then back to Quayside to await our
10.30 water taxi booking. All had a night cap before retiring to bed.