Lift In Day, Prickley Bay, Grenada

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 25 Nov 2008 14:00

Monday 251108 :

Position: 11:59.846N 61:45.69W

Crew FN / KB


Prickley Bay, Grenada. Weather: Fine and sunny

14.00 11:59.846N 61:45.69W After six months on the hard on Spice Island
Boat Yard we are lifted in. We motored out to the nearby anchorage. Both
heads failed to discharge. Leter found to be seized discharge pumps (
result of not being turned over for such a long period). They also leaked.
During the commissioning period ashore I introduced Kevin to and renewed
the acquantance with Ashley and Sue from the yacht 'Osprey' - a 51'
bermuda rigged Moody who lifted in with us. We subsequently all became
good friends and cruised with them up the islands.