Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 22 Jun 2013 10:58


41:23.30N 9:09E

Saturday 22.6.13


Paid for two nights (120 €) and reserved berth for Birgitta which is due here this afternoon as space filling up with imminent weather deterioration (Gale 8 expected Sunday night).


Had a pleasant lunch at La Place a nice little Bistro just up from the quay, the maitre’de of which is Alex, an affable local.


15:00 after we had spotted her approach from the Citadel, Birgitta arrived at the dock. Joined Murray and Lynn for drinks and arranged dinner ashore together later. We decided we wanted to have it up in the old town within the Citadel walls at the restaurant l’Archivolto, which Alex had recommended to us. We walked up the hill after having sampled Murray and Lynn’s prize winning Ashwood Chardonnay aboard Birgitta. The recommendation proved well founded. Lovely place frequented by locals and with helpful, obliging staff which offered a wide range of excellent food.


The harbour of Bonifacio. Pictures taken

from the citadel on 22 June and from Easyjet on 19 July



Sunday 23.06.


With a deteriorating weather situation we need to be gone from here and to seek the protection of the east Sardinian coast from the westerlies that are due to increase to 40kn later today. First we need to fill up with fuel from the nearby fuel dock.

Bootlegger and her lovely neighbour


We bade our farewells once more to Murray and Lynn of Birgitta who presented us with a bottle of Ashwood Pinot Gris.


With an increasingly strong westerly wind, we accepted the kind assistance of the French skipper of the yacht berthed alongside us to accompany us to the fuel dock to assist with the lines there. Glad we did. On arrival we found the fuel dock master most unhelpful and surly.


We took on 310 litres of diesel at a cost of 450 € (1.45 € /l compared to 1.71 € in Italy).