Bootlegger ARC Log - Day7

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 2 Dec 2007 13:03

Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 01 12 07


Day Seven


00.01  21.09N 27.29W  Wind true 17kts, SOG 6.5kts.  


00.25  Squall came in; pulled out the wet weather gear again and reduced twin headsail rig

           to 50% as wind built to 26kts. Dense cloud cover and rain EMc


02.00  Lost sight of two ARC vessels to Starboard . EMc



03.00 21.01N 27.48W Bearing 262 degrees True wind speed 18kts SOG 6.5 - 7kts  

           136.9 nm to 20.00N 30.00W Waypoint. Rig reef reduced to 25% SOG increased

            to 7.5 to 8kts  EMc


04.00  All remains much the same; tried a little mizzen . Wind ENE steady 18-20kts

           occasionally rising to 22kts. Reefed headsails and mizzen down to 33% .

           No sightings. RT


06.00  Took in mizzen. Distance done during RT  3 hr Watch -22.7nm  RT


08.00  Shook out headsails reef. ASI ship sighting – Nordic Star 14 nm ahead on passage

           to Brazil.  MS


09.00 20.46N 28.39W Wind E17-20kts, average SOG 7.3kts. Distance covered during 3 hr

          Watch 22.5 nm  MS


09.15 Clock & Battery check. Latter showing down to 22.5v (freezer starting to defrost).

          Generator started. Both chargers switched on and hot water. Decided to run water down

           to 500 litres and maintain it there to reduce weight on board. This means we

           can all have generous showers today! FN


10.00  Eugene did breakfast - poached egg on toast, great, then followed by grapefruit … ?


12.15  Generator switched off (3 hr run) FN


12.00   20.39N 29.01W. Noon position taken by FN


12.00   Everyone starts to go about their daily activities – Ray having washed up with Eugene 

            sits basking in the sun considering dinner whilst Mike sunbathes, Eugene sleeps

            and Frank is in his usual position - at the nav. table sending /receiving emails and

            entering this stuff in the day’s log.


14.00   Daily roll call on ARC C4. Position given for relaying to Cowes as back up to

            e-mail. FN



15.50   20.27N 29.32W Bearing cog 243 SOG 8kts Wind true NNE 13kts   FN



18.00   20.25N 29.57W   True wind speed, 13kts. SOG 5.5 - 6.3kts  Cook Ray started to

            prepare the evening dinner.  FN


18.00  Generator started ; hot water, battery chargers put on.  FN


19.45   Dinner. Starter- warm rolls with Alioli and green olives followed by a

            main pasta course. The main course was accompanied by some very

            drinkable red table wine. For dessert for this evening was Crem Caramel.

            MS & FN washed and dried


21.00  20.21N 30.20W Watches: 21 – 00 FN/ 00 – 03 EMc / 03-06 RT/ 06-09 MS

           ENE True wind speed 19kts, with COG 270 degrees SOG 8 - 8.5kts.

           Generator switched off. (3.5 h rs).  No other yachts in vicinity. All on our own.  FN


00.00  20.16N 30.42W Distance done during this Watch: 22nm;

            Distance covered over past twenty four hours -  192nm  FN