Bootlegger Blog - ARC Log Day 12

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 7 Dec 2007 03:58

Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 06 12.07


Day Twelve


00.01   16.53N 40.42W   With wind backing necessary to put 10 degrees to

             Starboard into autopilot giving a new bearing of 288 degrees putting

             The genny over to Port setting us on a broad reach.  NNE wind true 15

               - 17kts, SOG 6 to 6.5kts.


01.00   Completed and sent out logs to ARC and Mailasail blog sites


01.30   Wind speed 15 - 18kts SOG 6.0  FN


02.00   16.58N 40.58W  This is very broad reach with Genny flogging, COG now 292

             may consider going back to goose winging on desired course of 278 degrees as

             wind veered back a little. No other vessels sighted.   FN


02.45   Reverted to goose wing rig bringing boat back to a course of 274 degrees



03.00   16.57N 41.02W  COG 274 degrees True wind speed NNE 16kts

             SOG 5.6 - 6 kts. 1,160 miles to go.  FN


04.00   Generator turned on – voltage having dropped below 23V EMc


05.30   Generator turned off (1.5 hrs run time) EMc


06.00    16.53N 41.18W COG 278 SOG 5.7kts wind ENE 14kts EMc


06.30   Wind E 15kts Course steered 275 COG 280 degrees SOG 6.6-7.0kts


09.00    16.51N 41.31W  Wind True NE 15kts SOG 6.5kts Course steered 275

             COG 280. No sightings during Watch. RT


09.05    Clock and battery check; batteries 25.5V. winds 5-8 kts cFN


10.05    Overnight the Starboard pole uplift had broken, it has to be

             repaired/replaced soonest. Eugene was sent up the mast with new line

             which was soon secured to the pole.  FN


12.00    Noon position 17.08N 39.19W.  COG 2 degrees. Cloudy with

             occasional squalls coming through. Cooler today with the cold front

             we are experiencing.  FN


13.30    Sent position report to Cowes. FN


14.00    Daily SSB Roll Call.  Very poor reception, Controller barely audible.  FN



16.00    True wind speed ENE 16-17kts. SOG 6.5kts. Still goose winging. FN


16.01    Following warning sent to us from ARC Control timed at 16.00 hrs –






155 SIMANDERAL has reported an area of concentrated thunderstorm cells with mean winds higher than forecast (reported mean winds 40 knots) at position 17.57N 41.13W


The area affected extends across KATE covering approximately 39W-43W /19N-17N. The area of thunderstorms has increased over the past 6 hours.


Forecast mean winds are 25/30 with gusts considerably higher, possibly in excess  of 50 knots. The thunderstorms should clear once yachts are passed 43W



17.00   16.42N 42.31W Wind true 27kts; COG 275, SOG 8.3 Sails reefed in 25%

             we’re touching 10kts SOG before shortening sail in light of above

             notification from ARC control that thunderstorms in our area are more

             severe than previously forecast with winds in excess of 50kts.

             Clock and Battery check – latter down to  22.6V.


            Turned on generator and ran battery chargers, hot water, FN


20.00   16.39N 43.00W wind 32 kts true COG 270 degrees SOG 8.5 – 9.0 kts

            Very little sail up, handkerchief on forestay and ¼ mizzen out only, been

             Reaching 12.5 kts as Bootlegger surfs down large building white crested waves.


20.30   Switched off generator (3.5hrs run); Given the conditions Eugene did

            a tuna pasta for dinner which we all ate in the cockpit from deep dishes

            in life jackets and clipped on harnesses gazing out and the mountainous seas

            behind us. FN


21.00   Given the testing conditions decided to operate 3 hr dual watch system

             FN// MS doing first 21.00 to 00.00 Watch. FN 


21.30   Generator turned off (2.5 hrs) True wind speed 16kts, Bearing 278 degrees

            SOG 6 – 6.5kts. FN



00.00  16.32N 43.28W  COG 272 degrees SOG 8.3kts Wind true ESE 20 gusting

            27kts. As weather has moderated some, decided to revert to single watch

             system for RT and EMc and that FN & MS would do 06.00 to 09.00 together

             to ‘square up. This way everyone gets six hrs uninterrupted sleep. Distance

             to St Lucia 1,019 Distance done over past twenty four hours: -  155 nm  FN