Day 4 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 14 May 2011 00:06


39:38N 070:54W

Saturday 140511 


06:00 Awoke


08:45 Got up and went up to bridge for a coffee. Find the two young Alex’s 1 & 2 there. Fine sunny morning; water like mill pond. Ship S.O.G. 16.2 kn rather than her capability in these conditions of 18kn due to some 2 kn of current against her. With 150nm to go our ETA Newport Sound is indicated as being around 18.45. Took some video.


10:00 Returned to bridge for the communal coffee. Took some more video. Chatted to Richard for an hour about piracy, yachts, Curacao etc.


11:00 Updated my log. Put some washing in m/c


Noon Position: 39:38N 070:54W  Some 103 nm to go to Rhode Island; ETA 18:18


12:30 Lunch. Captain, First Officer, Chief Engineer; 2 x Alex’s at table. Chicken with boiled potato. Chocolate mousse over something for dessert.


15:45  40:42N 71:14W”  ETA 17:40


16:30 Land Ho ! Spotted land ahead at Ten ‘O Clock; either an island or a promitory.


17:30 Evening meal. Salmon salad. Captain , First Officer and Chief Engineer not present due to iminant arrival of Pilot and passage up Sound to anchorage.


!9:30  41:36N 71:17W F.W.E Newport anchorage. Expected to commence discharge / loading 08:00 tomorrow (Sunday).