Passage: Ille Des Saintes to Little Bay, Montseratt

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 2 Feb 2009 20:30
Bootlegger Log
Monday 020209

Passage: Ille Des Saintes to Little Bay, Montseratt

Weather fine with cloud and with rain sitting over Gudeloupe. Wind 8 – 10
kts in anchorage.

08.30 15:52.196N 61:35.127W Depart Bourg Des Saintes and head out into
SOG 6.3kts; Wind E23kts. DTG 70.5nm Very rollie.

09.00 15:54.587N 61:39.14W Engine off. Sailing on .75 of genny and full
main. Wind: E 24kts, SOG: 8 - 8.5kts

11.00 16:05.372N 61:48.429W Motor sailing Wind N14kts SOG: 6.5kts CSE 336
degrees DTG: 87nm ETA: midnight

12.00 16:11.38N 61:53.56W Sailing - all out. Wind: E28kts SOG|: 8.0 – 8.5kts

18.00 16:48.232N 62:12.623W F.W.E. Little Bay, Montserrat. After a
cracking sail up from Guadeloupe. We sailed up the west coast of the
island observing the heavy sulphur emission from the active volcano; past
the island’s former capital, Plymouth
destroyed by lava with its partially destroyed buildings abandoned in
haste and still lying unoccupied after all these years. We dropped anchor
at the approaches to Little Bay adjacent to Nomad, another Amel SM 2000.
Her owners Paul and Sue invited us over for drinks and a chat which was
nice. Enjoyable. Also, as with Ed and Annette picked up a lot.

Distance done: 70.5nm. Engine run: 3.5 hrs Generator: 2hrs.