Return to the UK for the period May - December 2009 inclusive

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 2 May 2009 17:00
02 May 2009
Flying home tomorrow via Barbados.
Deeply dissapointed that due to the illness I've had resulting in my being required
to stay in reach of medical facilities, we missed our narrow window to pass through the
Canal in time to reach Tahiti by the end of April as planned.
I have dreamed of cruising the Pacific for many years which I will get to realise..
On the other hand it can be said that it is probably just as well we didnt get into the Pacific
from where it is difficult to return, given the previously unforseen deepening economic crisis.
The crisis calls for my return home to urgently address and focus on the needs of my business.
The crisis has hit our source of business - the finance sector, very badly.
Given the above it is unlikely I will be able to pass through the Canal and into the Pacific
for some time, certainly not before the economic situation has returned to something like
Question is, do I keep Bootlegger in the Caribbean until then, or do I bring her back across
the pond to Europe?  At least with the latter I will be close to the business and able to
regularly use her, be it in home waters or back in the Med just a couple of hours
away. I'm sure the question will be answered over the coming months until my return.