Ciutadella and Mahon, Menorca

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 10 Jun 2013 10:59


39:59.927N 03:49.74E

Monday 10.06

39:59.927N 03:49.74E Ciutadella : Beautiful morning. Whilst paying for two nights J had a word with the marina man about the bow thruster prop loss due to short line. Fortunately there were divers working nearby who he sent over to help. They recovered the prop from the harbour bed and were able to refit it to boat for us.

 In the afternoon we took the bus to Mahon, a journey of 50 minutes through clean and picturesque countryside on excellent motorway. We spent the afternoon walking the streets whilst viewing this beautiful town and its truly magnificent harbour all of which looked its best on this beautiful clear day.


Bootlegger in Ciutadella and views of Mahon

Overlooking the impressive harbour of Mahon


J arranged a freshening up of my haircut whilst there. Never had my head brutally been shaven by an electric razor since I was a small boy, and it was too late when we both realised what the hair dresser was doing to me! J likened the results to my having the appearance of an ageing U.S. marine! We later did some shopping before having dinner at quayside restaurant before returning to Ciutadella.