To Kiparissia, on mainland Peloponnese, then tidy up day

chrisandjane aboard Liveloula
Chris Cooke
Sun 24 Apr 2016 12:48

37:15.45N 21:39.95E


Saturday 23 and Sunday 24April To Kiparissia, on mainland Peloponnese 48nm (S2.75 M6.5)

High cloud, cloudy Sunday

Saturday 23 Depart 0730    - looks like might be some favourable f3 later. Calm sea (compared with sleigh ride down to Zante). George steers. 1345 enough wind from astern (NW) to sail. Goose wing dead downwind last few miles. Huge empty harbour. Tie up alongside quay behind German cat. Explore ashore- grid pattern streets, big central square, many SMs (including AB), very rural. Big cloud shrouded mountains behind.

Sunday 24 No sun   - cloudy, a bit cooler so dig out instant porridge Begin clearing stern cabin ready for guests on Tuesday. Blow up duck. Have to look at old photos to remember which way duck fits best on transom! Run motor to generate hot water so crew can do washing.Decide high up castle in shade from cloud so will visit tomorrow when weather better. Fisherman directs skip to manhole ashore with master stopcock to turn on water supply for quay so can fill up. (Looks like it is kept off as a leak in pipe on quay!) Begin to fret about gap in long breakwater to windward (when NW blowing) and reports of swell in harbour with strong winds. NW f6 forecast for Tuesday. Decide check forecast again first thing tomorrow and if not abated head S to Pilos, even tho f7 forecast down there.

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