Motor North to huge Porta di Roma marina. Need shade from sun!

chrisandjane aboard Liveloula
Chris Cooke
Sat 4 Oct 2014 14:40
41:44.1N 12.14.9E

Saturday 4 October Much motoring N along boring flat coast to huge marina of
Porta di Roma

Depart Cirico 0600 Arrive Porta di Roma 1715,   51nm M10.5  S0.75

Another sunny day, even hotter so unroll bimini for shade!

Depart in dark. Pleased with manoeuvre, till discover only have 7 fenders to
stow! One missing. Too bad, not going back. Jane assists hoist main and
heads below. Hope for wind.  0700 5knts fetch. Quickly dies. 0900 sun is
very hot so decide to unroll bimin for shade. Misty flat shore to starboard.
Shoreside development much of way.  Light seabreeze arrives 1300 so
motorsail with just main on 317degrees, as too tight for genoa to fill.
Quite a fewlocal  boats out for afternoon as approach huge fairly new
purpose built marina. Make contact on VHF. Turn to starboard and led to one
of many vacant berths. 30 euros, plus same deposit for key fob to get
ashore. Skip groggy from high temperature, Jane ailing. Quick walk ashore.
Find sm. Many marinaside shops and locals promenading. Get Pizza takeaway
and crash. Plan trip to nearby Roman ruins tomorrow   - pilot says better
than anything in Rome; not to be missed.

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