Motoring East to Port Tudy - JL lives on!

chrisandjane aboard Liveloula
Chris Cooke
Mon 6 May 2013 20:34
47:38.6N 3:27.0Wto port tudy
6 May – boring motorsail East
Depart Ste Evette 0630
Arrive Port Tudy, Ile de Groix 1700 60 miles
Wind Ef1/2 (on the nose again), still very cold
Full ski thermals again (getting a bit wiffy as worn every day). Slipped at first light without waking crew . Went S of Glenans then “tacked” 20 degrees to try and keep the main working a bit. Port Tudy surprisingly full, so tied up alongside a Frenchy. Managed to get the power cable to reach so could get the kettle on (remember, for Jane’s hw bottle) and the fan heater goin. First beer in a grockle trap on the front, but Rosemary did manage to get a couple of baguettes FOC from the next door hotel, and then sniffed out a magnificent bar just up the hill with draft Guinness and Kilkenny, free tuna rillettes and bread – and the barman was a John Lennon lookalike. So we stopped for a second (which made it three!) Just  reward after a boring 11 hour motor.
Great photos of bar on Jane`s ipad – we must get the software to transfer it to my laptop. Will show you when we can.